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Service from Bellingham, Washington operates to SE Alaska and Whittier, near Anchorage. Southwest Alaska to Dutch Harbor is available also. Submit a quote/reservation request or give us a call today to make your Alaska Dream Vacation or Ferry Trip a reality!

Viking Travel Inc. / | Petersburg, Alaska
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Schedules and Reservations for all routes are now available through September 2020.
Ferries between Bellingham, Washington and Whittier, Alaska (near Anchorage) are SEASONAL and only operate through September 2020.
Alternate service is available year-round to and from Haines, Alaska or via shipping your vehicle via Ocean Freighter between
Washington and Alaska at comparable rates.
Contact us at 907.772.3818 for additional details.

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Getting to Alaska often requires an airplane, but once you’re here the best way to travel and see all the sights is via the Alaska Marine Highway. Viking Travel specializes in planning your trip Port-to-Port as you experience all that Alaska has to offer via the ships of the Alaska Ferry system!

Don't miss out on fantistic bear viewing, whale watching, gold rush history and Alaska Native culture while enjoying the beauty of Alaska with the help of the friendly and knowledgeable agents at Viking Travel.

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